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Restoring Field Edits on an Item After Resynchronizing
After resynchronizing but before saving, you can restore field edits on a particular item. After selecting the item, you select Content > Restore Field Edits or click the corresponding toolbar button .
The Restore Field Edits action is available after a resynchronization only when a single item is selected. This item must have either fields that have been edited or a field edit conflict associated with it. After you run this action, all edited field values are restored to the values on the server at the time of the resynchronization. The edited field icon no longer displays on the item. Additionally, for an item with edit conflicts, all conflicts are marked as resolved because its field values now match those on the server.
You can undo and redo the restore of fields edits after a resynchronization. When field values are restored to server values, edit conflicts are marked as resolved. Once a conflict is resolved, it is always resolved. Undoing the restore of field edits does not mark a resolved conflict as unresolved.