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Resolving Edit Conflicts After Resynchronizing
Following resynchronization of the document, selecting a row with unsaved changes that has an edit conflict causes the legend for conflict resolution to show.
Additionally, the editable item preview for the row is shown at the bottom, even when the item preview is turned off in the Options window. This allows you to resolve conflicts easily. If you select a row without unsaved changes, the editable item preview returns to the item preview state selected in the Options window. For example, if item preview is turned off, the item preview is hidden. For more information about the editable item preview, see Viewing and Editing Document and Content Items.
The top of the item preview displays a conflict icon showing the status and a summary indicating the number of unresolved conflicts. If you have performed edit operations on the item, icons for these operations follow the conflict icon.
The conflict icon shows the edited field icon with either a red x or green checkmark.
A red icon indicates that there are unresolved conflicts on the item. If you place the mouse cursor over a red icon on an item, a tooltip is shown. The first line lists the fields of the items that have been changed. The second line lists all fields that are in conflict.
A green icon indicates that all conflicts on the item are in a resolved state.
The summary indicates the number of unresolved conflicts on the item. As you resolve conflicts, the summary is updated.
For an item with a red icon, the summary indicates the number of conflicts on the item that have yet to be resolved.
For an item with a green icon, the summary indicates that all conflicts on the item have been resolved.
When resolving a conflict with a red icon, the conflict preview for multiple-row editing shows the value set on the client as the default. This differs from single-row editing, where the default is the value set on the server. Otherwise, how you resolve edit conflicts is the same in both edit modes. For more information, see Resolving Conflicts When Editing an Item.
Once the last conflict on the tab is resolved, the tab title displays the green icon. Once conflicts on all tabs are resolved, the top of the item preview displays the green icon. Additionally, in the document, the row header for the item displays the green icon.
While you can make additional edits in the document, you cannot resynchronize the document until all conflicts on all items are resolved. If you decide to discard unsaved changes in the document, all conflict resolution information is removed.
If you attempt to save changes when conflicts still exist, you are taken to the first remaining conflict. You can repeat attempts to save changes to step through all remaining conflicts. When all conflicts for all items are resolved, green conflict icons are shown in all the rows with unsaved changes that had conflicts. At this point, you can successfully save the document. However, first reading any information messages for informational conflicts is recommended. For more information, see Reading Information Messages After Resynchronizing.