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Creating a Dashboard
im createdashboard
You create a dashboard through the GUI.
You can also create a dashboard directly in XML. The XML file must conform to a specific document type definition (DTD). For more information, see “Creating a Dashboard in XML”.
Key Considerations
You can define a project filter to apply to a dashboard at run time. Depending on how you design your dashboard, the dashboard project filter may or may not be applied to a dashboard component. It is important to understand how dashboard and project filters work together.
Embedded reports require a lot of memory when the dashboard is run. Using multiple embedded reports in a dashboard can affect performance.
To select charts, queries, reports, principals, projects, fields, and field values in the Create Dashboard and Edit Dashboard Layout dialog boxes, you must be familiar with using the data filter.
To create a dashboard
Dashboard Properties
Dashboard Chart Properties
Dashboard Label Properties
Dashboard Image Properties
Dashboard Layout Properties: General Tab Fields
Dashboard Layout Properties: Default Text Styles Tab Fields
Dashboard Layout Properties: Default Grid Table Fields
Dashboard Layout Properties: Default Cell Tab Fields
Dashboard Query Link Properties
Dashboard Report Properties
Dashboard URL Properties
Dashboard Layout Properties: Text Styles Tab Fields