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Query Properties
A named query contains the following properties:
In the Name field, enter a name for the new query.
Next to the Name field, displays, indicating that the query is a favorite. Favorites are Windchill RV&S objects (queries, charts, reports, and dashboards) that you created and use.
To convert the query to an admin provided object, select Is Admin Provided. Admin provided objects are objects within the Windchill RV&S object model that support solution definition and management, as well as workflow migration. For more information, see your administrator.
This option is available only if the createSharedAdmin or Admin permission is assigned to you.
Once a user object is converted to an admin provided object, you cannot revert it to a user object again.
Selecting the Is Admin Provided option automatically adds the currently logged in user to the Sharing tab with edit permissions.
Description of the query, for example, Items assigned to the development group.
Image (GUI only)
Specifies an image for the query. Select Use Custom Image, Default Image, or No Image for your new query. If you are using a custom image, click Select, and browse to an image file.
Images must be GIF or JPEG format, and no larger than 16 by 24 pixels.
Use the data filter to select the principals (users and groups) that you want to share your query with.
Only the groups you add to the Shared With list can see your query.
You cannot share a query to the everyone group unless you are an administrator or you have the ShareToEveryone permission. Contact your administrator for more information.
To allow assigned principals to edit the query, select the principal’s check box under the Modify column. To deny assigned principals the ability to edit the query, clear the principal’s check box under the Modify column. By default, all assigned principals are denied the ability to edit a query.
Add the desired filters to create your query. For information on how to add a filter, see “Creating a Query”.
Default Columns
Customize the default columns for the query. For information on how to customize the default columns for a query, see “Creating a Query”.
References (GUI only)
Displays all admin provided and user objects that reference the existing query. If you plan on making changes to the query or deleting it, this information lets you know what objects are affected by the changes or deletion.
For more information on admin provided objects, contact your administrator.
History (GUI only)
Displays all changes made to the existing query.