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Revert CP Procedure
The change package which needs to be reverted, must be a closed change package.
To revert a change package in the GUI
This section describes the step-by-step procedure required to perform the Revert CP command in the GUI.
1. Select Change Package > Revert. You can also select Revert Change Package in the contextual menu of the change package.
The Revert Change Package wizard opens.
2. Select a valid source sandbox, if you have not selected it already.
3. Click Next.
4. Click Find to find the change package or the Windchill RV&S Item that you want to add to the list.
The Find Change Packages menu opens. For more information, see Find Change Packages Options.
5. If you know the change package number, type it in the Add to List field and click Add.
The change package is added to the list.
You can select only one change package at a time. If multiple change packages are selected, an error occurs.
6. Select a Propagation Change Package to propagate your revert changes.
If you do not select a Propagation Change Package, an error occurs.
7. In the Options section, you can resolve conflicts by selecting one of the following Confirm Actions:
Mark For Later Merge
Launch Tool
Highlight Output File
You can also merge the changes by selecting one of the following Merge Type options:
Manual (Launch Tool)
8. Click Finish to complete the Revert Change Package operation.