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Resync CP Options: Advanced
Resync CP Advanced Command Option
Use Master
Causes Windchill RV&S to operate on the top-level Sandbox if the target is a subproject. Changes are applied throughout the top-level Sandbox’s hierarchy. If this option is not set, changes are only applied to the target Sandbox and its sub Sandboxes; other changes are ignored.
When spanning variant projects with the Use Master option enabled, the variant of the top-level project associated with the spanned project is evaluated and the subproject, if missing in the variant, is added.
Span Projects
Applies all changes in the change package, even if this involves a different project than the one you initially targeted. In a Resync CP operation, this option allows Windchill RV&S to search across local Sandboxes for all the entries contained in the selected change package(s).
If this option is not set, any changes for other projects are ignored.
Perform Merges
Enable merging in the Sandbox if required.
Allow Open Change Packages
Allows Windchill RV&S to work with open change packages.
Raise error if member is already in project
Causes Windchill RV&S to terminate the operation if the change being applied has already been applied to the project.
If this option is not set, then the information displays as a warning.
Raise error if member of other project
Terminates the command if the change is for a project other than the one you initially targeted.
If this option is not set, then the information displays as a warning.
Ignore Server in Change Package
Causes Windchill RV&S to perform the Resync CP operation even if the current server does not match the server specified in the change package entries.
If this option is not set, any mismatches are treated as errors.
You must select the Other Project is Error option for the Ignore Server in Change Package option to work. This additional setting is required because projects are defined by their server and path.
Ignore Cross-Branch Entries
Causes Windchill RV&S to use the most recent revision when members with revisions on multiple branches are being applied.
If this option is not set, member revisions being applied from multiple branches are treated as errors.
Ignore Update Revision Entries
Ignores update revision entries in a change package. There is no user prompt.
This option is to support compatibility with older versions of Windchill RV&S.
Propagate Subprojects
Determines how Windchill RV&S treats subproject operations required by the specified change packages.
You can select from the following options:
Explicitly adds, drops, or moves a subproject only if there is a explicit command to do so in the change package.
Implicitly adds, drops or moves a subproject if the operation is implicitly required based on the change package entries. For example, if you are adding a member that is part of a subproject that does not exist in the larger project being updated, the subproject is added.
Resynchronize Out of Scope File
Specifies if to include entries for members in the change package that do not match the scope definition of the sandbox.