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Applying Change Packages From Two Variants
Another situation that warrants special consideration is the case where two change packages must be applied from different variants. Unless the correct procedure is used, Resync CP will fail because too many merges are required.
For example, the master project contains the file patch.c at revision 1.4. The variant project used by the buildmaster contains a fix (patch.c, revision, CP 9:1) that is being rolled out for a product patch. The variant project for the Maintenance Development team also includes a bug fix for patch.c at revision, and this revision is associated with CP 10:1. Both fixes are required for the master project.
Performing a Resync CP operation on two change packages from different variants
There are only two ways to successfully complete the preceding scenario without restrictions: address it manually, or perform Resync CP and Apply CP twice (once for each change package), checking in the merged changes at the head revision after each operation.