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To move change package entries in the GUI
1. From the Entries panel on the Change Package view, select the change package entries you want to move.
2. Select Change Package > Entry > Move. The Move Change Package Entry Settings dialog box displays.
3. From the Target Change Package list, select the change package you want to move the entries to. The change packages are listed with the C.P. ID and the summary.
4. If you want to create a new change package for the entries, click Create.
5. If you are a change package administrator, the Show all open Change Packages option is available. Select the option to make change packages that you did not create available in the Target Change Package list.
6. When you are finished, click OK. The Confirm Move Change Package dialog box displays.
7. To move each entry presented, click Yes. To move all entries without viewing individual prompts, click Yes to All. The change package entries are moved to the selected change package.
On the Change Package view, you can move change package entries by dragging them from one Change Package view to another.
You can also move change package entries using the Working File Changes view. Select the change package entries you want to move. Select a different change package from the Change Package list and click Move to Change Package.
The Move operation may not be committed to the repository because of reasons like broken connectivity with the server or a server crash. Such a partially committed change package is moved to one of the intermediate states, (Move CP Entries Failed) or (Moving CP Entries). The state of the change package is displayed in the title of the Change Package dialog box.
The state of partially committed change package entries is displayed as ‘(Moving From CP)’ <Action> in the source change package, and ‘(Moving To CP)’ <Action> in the target change package; for example, (Moving From CP)Pending Update in the source change package and (Moving To CP)Pending Update in the target change package.
These intermediate states allow you to reattempt the Move operation of the change package entries. You must select the same target change package while reattempting.
All the operations on the change packages having partially moved entries are restricted till the partially moved change package entries are successfully moved.