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Finding Change Packages
Windchill RV&S provides you with a way to search through all of the change packages created by anyone, including closed change packages.
To find change packages in the GUI, select Change Package > Find.
To find change packages in the Web, create a query.
In the GUI, you can use the following search methods:
By Filter
To combine filters, select the desired filters, then select Logical AND or Logical OR to specify their relationship.
To invert a filter, click the filter a second time and the ! symbol displays. For example, you can search for change packages that are not associated with a specified project.
Specify a container ID, for example 12, finds all changes packages with that container ID. If the workflows are enabled, the container ID is the same as the item ID.
Specify the full change package ID, for example 12:1, finds the single change package.
You can search by as many IDs as you want.
By Query
If workflows are enabled. you search for change packages by query. This enables you to find change packages based on complex criteria.
If you use a query that contains a symbolic date (for example, today), your query results may be different than if you ran the same query in Windchill RV&S. This is because the Windchill RV&S workflow and document management functionality uses the client’s time zone while the Windchill RV&S configuration management functionality uses the server’s time zone.
Find Change Packages Options