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Discarding Change Package Entries
You can remove entries from a change package by discarding them. To discard entries, the change package must be in an Open or Rejected state.
You can only discard entries from a change package in a Closed state if all of the following conditions are met:
You are the change package creator or administrator.
Reviews are not mandatory for the change package. If reviews are mandatory, committed entries cannot be discarded (contact your administrator for more information).
The change package has not been propagated by another change package
On the Change Package view, select the change package entries you want to discard from the Entries panel. Select Change Package > Entry > Discard.
You can also discard change package entries using the Working File Changes view.
From a Project or Member History view, click the change package ID.
From the Change Package view, click the Entries tab.
On the Entries panel, select the entries you want to discard and select Actions > Discard Change Package Entry.
When a change package entry is discarded, the following happens if applicable:
Deferred operations corresponding to deferred entries are reverted.
Locks on members corresponding to lock entries are released.
Pending operations corresponding to pending entries are reverted, and discarded entries are created (to preserve the review history).
Pending revisions corresponding to pending entries are deleted.
Archives created for pending members associated with entries in the change package are deleted from the server (pre-existing archives that were shared to create a pending member are not deleted).
Any nested operations in a pending subproject are discarded at the same time as the subproject.
If any server issue occurs while discarding a change package entry, the discarded change package entry is moved to one of the following states:
(Discarding) Pending <Action>
For example, (Discarding) Pending Add
(Discarding) <Action>
For example, (Discarding) Add
You can then reattempt discarding the change package entry from such partially discarded state.
If a change package contains partially discarded entries, you must first discard these entries before attempting to discard other entries in the change package.