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My Change Packages View: Managing Change Packages
To display the My Change Packages View, select Change Package > View My Change Packages.
Windchill RV&S provides a central location to manage change packages you have created that contain entries that have not been committed to the server repository. From one location, you can view a change package and its entries, view any items associated with a change package, submit any deferred operations for that change package, close a change package, edit a change package, or create a new change package.
If reviews are mandatory, submitted change packages continue to appear in the Change Packages view until they are successfully committed to the repository.
The My Change Packages view and Filtered Change Packages view display information in the same way. The My Change Packages view only displays your open change packages. To display information for other change packages in the GUI, select Change Package > Find and specify filter criteria to display the FilteredChange Packages view.
By default, the MyChange Packages view displays the following information:
Change package ID.
Item ID if Windchill RV&S is enabled.
User name of the person who created the change package.
Current state of the change package
Summary statement for the change package.