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Operations Propagated
Only changes to member content and subproject structure are propagated by the command to the target project tree. All other types of changes (such as configuring subprojects, adding member attributes, freezing members, and so forth) are not propagated by the command.
In general, only operations explicitly recorded in the change packages being propagated (which includes those change packages picked up by the backfill) are propagated from the source project tree to the target project tree. However, there are situations where certain operations may not have been recorded in a change package, and so consequently Windchill RV&S identifies those as implicit operations that must propagated to the target tree.
Implicit operations are largely limited to subproject operations (because prior versions of Windchill RV&S did not include subproject operations in change packages). For information on controlling if such implicit operations are allowed, see the Propagate Subprojects option for the Apply CP command in “Apply CP Procedure” or for the Resync CP command in “Resync CP Procedure”. For additional information relating to implicit operations, see “Using the Apply CP Backfill List” and “Using the Resync CP Backfill List”.