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Apply Change Packages Options
Apply CP General Command Option
Confirm Actions
Causes Windchill RV&S to confirm all operations with you before proceeding with them.
Displays a detailed report when the operation is complete, listing the actions that were completed, along with any errors that were encountered.
You can select from the following options:
Never to never display the report.
On Completion to always display the report.
On Error to display the report only when errors were encountered.
Create Variants
Causes Windchill RV&S to create new variant subprojects within the target variant project as required. This allows the subproject structure of the target variant to mirror the structure of the source project. If this option is not set, variant subprojects are not created as needed and any members in those subprojects are ignored (a warning displays).
Close Change Package
Closes the propagation change package used to record the changes.
Determines how Windchill RV&S treats historic revisions required by the specified change packages. For the Apply CP command, the backfill option is set to Entire Change Packages by default.
You can select from the following options:
Entire Change Packages chooses all historic revisions required by the specified change packages and applies them by updating member revisions, and adding, dropping, renaming, or moving files. The user is not prompted to confirm the backfill list.
Back Revisions Only processes only the specified change package(s) and chooses only directly associated revisions. It does not process any change packages that are associated with intermediate revisions.
Error terminates the operation if other change packages are required but are not specified.
Skip Revisions causes Windchill RV&S to merge around specified backfill revisions. Because the Apply CP command does not perform merging, this is treated as an error.
Ask to Specify allows you to select the specific change packages you want to include. For the Apply CP operation, a list of additional change packages displays. The presented list of change packages cannot be manipulated. You must either accept the entire list or the operation fails.