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Using a Propagation Change Package With Apply CP
You can use another change package to record all the member and subproject changes made by an Apply CP operation. A change package used for this purpose is called a propagation change package.
If your administrator has set up change packages to be mandatory, you must specify a propagation change package.
Using a propagation change package makes it easier to track what changes have been propagated and to propagate the same changes to multiple variants. Any change packages that the applied change package is dependent on which have already been applied to the project by a previous Apply CP operation do not appear in the backfill list. You receive a warning message about the change packages that have already been applied.
You do not create a propagation change package—you create a normal change package and propagation information is recorded in the change package when you specify it during an Apply CP operation. For the greatest level of control in isolating changes, it is recommended that you start with an empty propagation change package. When the propagation change package contains no previous entries, the only additions will be those that specifically relate to the changes in question.
If reviews are mandatory, the changes made by an Apply CP operation are recorded as pending entries in the propagation change package. The change package must then be submitted, which starts the review process.
Once a propagation change package has been applied, you can see the list of change packages that it propagated in the Change Package view. For example, if you created propagation change package 112:1 to record changes made by an Apply CP operation, you would see the propagated change packages in the Propagated field on the Propagation Information tab of the Change Package view for 112:1. If you then applied propagation change package 112:1 to a different variant, and created propagation change package 253:1 to record the changes, you would see change package 253:1 listed in the Propagated by field for 112:1.