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Copying a Report
im copyreport
You can copy the details of a report to a new report and save the new report under a different name.
Key Considerations
If the report you are copying is an admin provided object, the Is Admin Provided option is cleared in the copy.
A copied favorite () or non-favorite () report becomes a favorite when you save the new report.
Sharing information is not copied. You can copy sharing information by clicking Copy Principals on the Sharing tab.
You cannot share a report to the everyone group unless you are an administrator or you have the ShareToEveryone permission. Contact your administrator for more information.
The following table describes how to copy a report:
From the Manage Reports view, select a report, and then Report > Copy or File > Copy > Selected.
To copy a report that is not selected, select File > Copy > Report and then specify the report.
From the Reports View, select a report, and select Copy Report.