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Copying a Query
im copyquery
You can copy a query and rename the copy to create a new query. This is useful when you want to create a query that is similar to an existing complex query. Copying the Quick Query creates a named query that can be shared with others.
Before you copy a query, ensure that you have the following:
CreateQuery permission
Visibility permissions for the item types and fields you want to query on. Visibility rules restrict access to specific information based on project and/or item type.
For further assistance, contact your administrator.
Key Considerations
By default, the original query definition is referenced in the new query as a subquery so that any changes to the original query definition are reflected in the new query. If you want to create a static copy of the query, do the following on the Definition tab:
In the GUI, select the Copy Query option.
In the Web interface, select Set definition to copy the original query.
A copied favorite () or non-favorite () query becomes a favorite when you save the new query.
Sharing information is not copied. You can copy sharing information by clicking Copy Principals on the Sharing tab.
You cannot share a query to the everyone group unless you are an administrator or you have the ShareToEveryone permission. For more information, contact your administrator.
To copy a query