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Working With Favorites
To easily find Windchill RV&S objects, such as queries, that you created and frequently use, you configure these objects as favorites. In the relevant view, favorites are displayed with the my favorites filter. In the GUI and Web interface, favorites are annotated by and non-favorite objects are annotated by . By default, all objects created by you are configured as favorites.
Key Considerations
Favorites cannot be shared between users or groups.
To configure an object as a favorite, it does not have to be shared or an Admin object.
A Quick Query is a non-configurable favorite.
In the GUI, you can run favorite and non-favorite queries because the data filter allows you to select both types. In the Web interface, you can only run favorite queries because the data filter is not available for selecting queries. If you attempt to run a non-favorite query, you are prompted to configure the selected query as a favorite. Clicking Yes configures the query as a favorite and runs it.
To configure an object as a favorite or non-favorite