Extended Web User Interface (UI) > Simplified User Management > The My 360-degree View for Administrators > Users Tab > User Details View
User Details View
You can access the user details view by clicking the icon for the user whose details you want to view. The view opens in a dynamic tab, which displays the word User in brackets on a mouse hover over the tab.
This view contains the following information:
User Permissions: A list of allowed and denied permissions for Workflow & Documents and Configuration Management are displayed.
View Resolved Permissions: Provides an ability to view resolved permissions for a project upon entering the configuration path. You can also view the member permissions by providing the configuration path of the project or subproject and member name.
Group Membership: A list of Groups and Dynamic Groups that the user is a member of are displayed.
Project Membership: For Workflow & Documents projects, the user can be an administrator, a member, or both for a project. The icons for a project indicate the following:
: Indicates that you are a member for the project.
: Indicates that you are an administrator for the project.
: Indicates that you are both an administrator and a member for the project.
For Configuration Management projects, a list of all top-level projects is displayed.