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Locking a Document
im lock
To lock a document in the Windchill RV&S client GUI, select Document > Lock. You cannot lock a document from the Web interface.
You can also lock multiple documents at once by selecting the documents that you want to lock in list view and then selecting Document > Lock. When locking multiple documents, all documents must be of the same type and be lockable by you.
You can only lock a document if the document is of a type for which locking is enabled, and you meet the criteria defined by your administrator to be an eligible locker. Depending on how your administrator configured Windchill RV&S, an eligible locker could be any of the following:
A user specified in a given user field (for example, Assigned User)
A member of a group specified in a given group field (for example, Assigned Group)
A member of one or more specified groups
Any eligible locker can lock a document as an individual. If you are only eligible to lock the document as an individual (that is, you are not a member of any group that is eligible to lock the document), the document is immediately locked. If you are eligible to lock the document as either an individual or for a group, you are presented with a dialog box. This dialog box prompts you to choose who should own the lock on the document. To lock the document exclusively for yourself, select Me. To lock the document on behalf of a group, select My Group and select the specific group from the dropdown list of all eligible groups to which you belong.
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