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Create a Publication
To create a publication structure:
1. In the Navigator pane, select the product and then click Publication Structures.
2. Click the New Publication Structure (New Publication Structure) toolbar button. The Create New Publication Structure dialog box is displayed.
3. The type of publication structure that can be created for the product is set in the Type field.
4. Set the Authoring Language for the product.
5. Complete the publication structure attributes as required.
6. Select a default Publication Identifier for the structure. This is used to define the default directory in the product’s DMS Output Path location that will receive Servigistics InService A&D output from the publication structure.
For more information, see Create New Publication Structure Dialog Box
7. Click Finish.
The new publication structure is displayed in the list of publication structures.
8. Select the new publication structure and select Open in Publication Structure Editor from the Actions pull-down menu.
The publication structure is displayed.
9. Add the required content to the publication structure.
For more information, see About Publication Structures.