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Insert a CIR Reference
To insert a CIR reference:
1. At the required valid position in the current data module, press ENTER
The element list is displayed. Select and insert the element that represents the required CIR reference.
2. Place the cursor inside the reference element and select CTRL + D
The Modify Attributes dialog box is displayed.
3. Click Browse for the attribute that declares the reference, to browse for the CIR item to be referenced
The Insert Common Information Repository reference dialog box is displayed. It provides a list of CIR items from the relevant CIR type data module, based on the reference element being configured.
The dialog is named Insert Technical Information Repository reference when working with Issue 4.0.1 data modules.
For more information, see Insert Common Information Repository Reference Dialog Box
Alternatively, if you already know the value of the attribute, enter it manually.
4. Search for the required CIR item to be inserted. Select the appropriate search criteria and click Search
The CIR items that are found are listed in the search results table.
5. Select the CIR item that you want to reference
Once you have made a selection, a summary of the CIR information is provided in the Referred Common Information Repository content field.
6. Select Insert (or Implicit or Explicit if both type of reference are permitted by the current product definition)
The Insert Common Information Repository reference dialog box is closed.
7. Click OK.
The Modify Attributes dialog box is closed, and the referenced CIR item is inserted into the current data module.
For more information, see CIR/TIR Data Modules