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Remove or Rename Services and Models
To remove a service or model from a look-up library:
1. In the Navigator pane, click the Recent Libraries button, and then View All.
The Libraries window is displayed.
2. Click the appropriate S1000D Look-up Library library.
The folder view of the look-up library is displayed.
3. Open the Services and Models folder.
4. Select Services.
The Services object is displayed in the Folder Contents pane.
5. Click the Structure tab.
6. Select the required service or model node that you want to delete.
7. Select the Remove from the context menu.
The Remove message box is displayed.
8. Click OK.
9. The selected service or model is deleted from the look-up library. Any associations with parts list items are also deleted.
Removal of a service from the structure also removes all associated models.
You can rename a service or model node in the look-up library by using the Edit > Rename context menu option. Name changes will be passed to the association with any parts list items.