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Setting Up UDI Submissions
Entering the UDI Submitter DUNS Number
Follow these steps to enter the DUNS number for the UDI Submitter. This business number is issued by Dun & Bradstreet and it matches the labeler (company) name on the device. The DUNS number appears on all HL7 documents.
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1. Select Site > Utilities > Preference Management.
2. Select Quality.
3. Right-click UDI Submission Submitter DUNS and select Set Preference.
4. In the Set Preference window, in the Value field, type your DUNS number.
5. Click OK.
Creating a UDI Library
1. In the Libraries table, click the new library icon .
2. In the New Library window, do the following:
a. From the Type list, select UDI Library.
b. In the Name field, type the name of your UDI library.
c. From the Template list, select General UDI Library.
d. Click OK. The new library appears in your list of libraries.
Assigning UDI Roles
Under your new library, click Team to assign users to UDI roles.
You can copy and paste members to define roles. For more information, see Adding Groups Using Copy and Paste.
1. Select the user.
2. Click the copy icon .
3. Select the UDI Approver, UDI Creator, or Library Manager roles, depending on the roles the user should be assigned to.
4. Click the paste icon to add the user to each role you selected.