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Refreshing Source Data in UDI Submissions
UDI submissions combine data from many sources. The data in the UDI submission comes from three sources: templates, attribute populators, and manual entry. When the source data in an existing UDI submission has changed, the UDI must be resubmitted to the regulatory agency.
Follow these steps to refresh the data in a UDI submission in Windchill and resubmit the information.
Submissions in the Submission, In Progress, and Delayed states cannot be refreshed. A refresh during these states could cause inconsistencies between the agency record and the controlled UDI record.
During this process, the attributes in the source data overwrite the current values in the record. Make sure that you intend to replace these user edits before processing.
1. In your UDI library context, click Submissions to Refresh.
2. To view the differences between the current UDI submission and the other sources, click the view differences icon next to the UDI submission.
The differences appear in the View Differences window. If the value in the other source is blank, it appears as a strikethrough.
To view a PDF version of the report, click the view report icon next to each item.
Click Cancel to close the View Differences window.
3. In the Submissions to Refresh table, select the UDI submissions to update.
4. Click the refresh from source icon .
5. In the Refresh UDI Submissions window, click Refresh.
The system processes each UDI submission selected in the table. The refreshed submissions move to the Creation state.
If the system skips a submission during the refresh process because the submission was not selected, a confirmation message appears in the toolbar.