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Linking a New UDI Submission to a Part
Follow these steps to link a UDI submission to an existing part in Windchill after you have created the submission.
A UDI submission can only be linked to one part. If the submission is already linked to a part, this action is not visible.
For instructions on linking a UDI submission to a part when you are creating the submission, see Creating a New UDI Submission in Windchill.
1. On the information page for the UDI submission, from the Actions menu, select Link to Part.
2. In the Find Part(s) window, search for the part.
3. Select the part from the Search Results table.
4. Click OK. The part appears in the Related Products table on the Related Information tab.
5. Click the Details tab.
6. Under Task Actions, click Enter UDI Submission Details.
7. In the Edit UDI Submission window, click Refresh from Source.
The system populates the UDI submission fields based on your system configuration and the newly related part. In the default configuration, the fields are Brand Name, Model Serial Number, Lot Controlled, and Serial Controlled.