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Validating Multiple UDI Submissions
After UDI objects have been created in Windchill, users can validate several submissions in the Creation state at the same time. After validation, the UDI submissions are routed for approval.
Only the Library Manager and UDI Creator roles can perform these tasks.
Follow these steps to validate multiple UDI submissions:
1. In your UDI library context, click Submissions to Validate.
2. In the Submissions to Validate table, select the submissions you want to validate.
3. Click the validate submissions icon .
4. In the Validation Results window, in the Passed Submissions table, click Finish. This moves the UDI submission to the Approval state.
You can export errors from the Failed Submission Errors table to a different format for viewing outside Windchill. From the Actions menu, select the format for the export. This action is also available from the Actions menu in the Folder Contents table in your UDI library.