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Editing People and Places
Editing a person or place allows you to make updates to existing people and places in a Windchill quality context. Once these changes are made, all workflow steps involving these people or places are updated.
When you edit a person or place, that object is locked from being edited by another user. To unlock a person or place object, you must complete your edits and click Finish. You can click Cancel to unlock the object.
To edit a person or place:
1. Select the person or place you want to edit.
2. From the right-click menu, select Edit People or Places.
3. Update any fields as necessary. The following items can be updated:
Phone numbers
E-mail contact information
Relationships, such as a link to another person or place
X-Ref System IDs, such as ERP system details, or medical record IDs
Related Products, such as a part instance
Use the step navigator at the top of the screen to quickly move to the type of information you want to edit. At any time you can click Finish to complete the editing of the person or place.
4. Click Finish.
To add additional information to any table, click the add row icon or the add five rows icon and complete all relevant fields.