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Editing a Quality Context
A quality context is a repository for storing and accessing Windchill quality solution information.
You can use the Edit Quality action to change the attributes of a quality context.
To edit a quality context:
1. From the Navigator, select the quality context you want to edit, and click Details.
2. Select Actions > Edit Quality.
3. Complete the following fields in the Attributes table:
Name of the quality context.
Enter descriptive text that distinguishes this context from others on your site.
Assign an owner for the quality context. For example, a Quality Manager.
You can search for and add an owner by clicking Find.
Private Access
Use to determine access rights to the Windchill quality solution context.
To limit access, select Yes. If you select Yes, access is restricted to use only the access control policies that are defined within the context being created; any public access policy rules written at the organization level are not inherited by the context. By selecting Yes, the default domain for the context is moved from the organization PDM domain to the organization Private domain.
If you select No, the context is accessible based on the access control policies that are defined for the context and those inherited access control policies defined in the parent context. For more information, see Access Control Overview
4. Click OK. The edited context appears in your Quality List table.