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Quality Classification Trees
Administrators can use classification trees to customize the items users can select when creating or editing a customer experience, CAPA, or nonconformance item. Available classification trees depend on the QMS module that is installed.
Examples of classification trees for each module include the following:
Windchill CAPA
Risk Assessment Classification Tree
Root Cause Classification Tree
Windchill Nonconformance
Nonconformance Classification Tree
Nonconformance Trending Classification Tree
Other Item Classification Tree
Affected Object Classification Tree
Windchill Customer Experience Management
Lessons Learned Classification Tree
CEM Event Code Classification Tree
CEM Event Trending Classification Tree
CEM Review Code Classification Tree
Australia Decision Classification Tree
Canada Decision Classification Tree
Vigilance Decision Classification Tree
Japan Decision Classification Tree
Israel Decision Classification Tree
eMDR Decision Classification Tree
For example, to add an item to the Primary Code field for creating or editing customer experiences, you would update the CEM Event Code Classification Tree. When users search for items in the Primary Code field, they see the customized classification tree path (for example, Event\Customer Experience\Adverse Event\Injury).
To view classification trees, a user must belong to the Quality Classification Administrators group in addition to being assigned to the Quality Manager role.
At this time, only items resulting in a yes or no reporting decision can be selected for decision classification trees.
For more information about using classification, see About Classification Administration.