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CAPA Audit Trail
The Audit Trail Journal table allows you to view and export the audit data for a CAPA object.
If you have a large number of saved items, the Audit Trail Journal table takes longer to load.
The Audit Trail Journal table contains the following fields:
The name of the object and the path if applicable. This field identifies which portion of the CAPA record contains the field.
The type of the object containing the field. This corresponds to the Type and Attribute Management utility.
The ID of the object.
The name of the field that has a changed value.
Previous Value
The previous value of the attribute. If there was no previous value, this field is blank.
New Value
The new value of the attribute. If the previous value was deleted, this field is blank.
Action taken on the object (Create, Update, or Delete).
Who Changed
The user who created, updated, or deleted the object. If the field was changed by the system, this field displays Site, Administrator.
The date the change occurred.
Only users in the CAPA manager and quality system manager roles can access this function.
Fields with non-null values (previously or currently completed fields) appear in the audit trail.
Values appear in the audit trail after you click Save.
If the changed field is a date, the change shows the GMT time zone in the Previous Value or New Value field.
Using Views
To customize and create views for the Audit Trail Journal table, see Customizing Table Views.
Exporting the Audit Trail
To export the information from the Audit Trail Journal table, select an export option from the Actions menu. Options include CSV, HTML, PDF, text, XML, XLS, XLSX, and XLS Report.
Printing the Audit Trail
For information on printing the Audit Trail Journal table, see Printing CAPAs.