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Generating Change Actions
Use the following procedure to generate change actions:
1. Navigate to the Change Directives table on the information page of a configuration item, select the applicable change directive.
2. Select Actions > Generate Change Actions.
One or more new change actions are generated with the To be studied status. Each new change action prompts the following actions:
The system examines any existing change actions for the affected configuration item and determines the new set of change actions that are needed to implement the change.
The system creates the new change actions that are needed for the change directive and calculates the effectivity ranges for which they apply.
The system informs the user if there are current design solutions that are under investigation as a result of implementing the pending change. For example, if a design solution has already been used to solve a change action for a given configuration item and applies to an effectivity range of 001-500, and a new change action for the configuration item applies to an effectivity range of 400-500. The design solution is marked as Under Investigation and the configuration item Effectivity Warning column lists a warning for the effectivity range of 400-500, because it might no longer be applicable and a new design solution would be required to fulfill the new change action. For more information, see Change Examples .
The new change actions appear in the Change Directives table on the information page for the affected configuration items. New change actions appear indented under the parent change directive with a status of To be studied. The new change action also appears in the Change Actions table with a status of To be studied.