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Fulfilling Change Actions
A change action is fulfilled by a design solution that addresses the needs specified in the change directive. In order to fulfill a change action, the desired design solution must already be added to the impacted configuration item as a candidate design solution. For more information, see the section Adding a Design Solution to a Configuration Item in the Managing the Configuration Level Part Structure topic.
You can fulfill a change action from any table on any information page where it is listed (for example, the Change Actions table of the information page for an associated configuration item). Use the following procedure to fulfill a change action:
1. Right-click the applicable change action and select Fulfill Change Action.
The Fulfill Change Action window appears.
2. From the Related Design Solutions field, select the desired design solution, and then click OK.
The status of the change action is changed from To be studied to Solved.
If the fulfilled change action impacts the effectivity range of another change action, that effectivity range is updated accordingly.
The state of the design solution is changed from Candidate to Fulfilled.
Performing Undo Fulfill Change Action
Right-click the applicable change action and select Undo Fulfill Change Action. The status of the change action is changed from Solved to To be studied. The stage of the design solution that had fulfilled the change action reverts from Fulfilled to Candidate.