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Configuration Level Structure with the Link Object
There are some situations in which you might want to provide additional information in the configuration level of the product structure. This is often accomplished by configuring the system to use the Link Object. For example, the link object can specify a physical location on a product where a design solution applies to a configuration item.
The system configuration that uses the link object is referred to as the Configuration Item-Link Object-Design Solution model (or simply CI-LO-DS). Using this configuration, the link object is the child of a configuration item and the parent of a design solution.
The link object is not configured out-of-the-box. For more information, see Configuring the System to Employ the Link Object.
For more information about configuration items and design solutions, see Product Structure and Configuration Level Details.
Effectivity with the Link Object
In the same way that effectivity is stored using the standard out-of-the-box configuration level configuration management, effectivity is assigned to the usage link between a configuration item and a link object when a change action is fulfilled by the design solution.
For more information about managing effectivity at the configuration level, see Configuration Level Effectivity.