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Received Delivery Manager Role
Out-of-the-box, the Received Delivery Manager role is available for users who work with received delivery objects. This role is available in all product and library contexts by default; it is not included in any context templates. Users in the Received Delivery Manager role are granted sufficient authorization to complete actions on a receive delivery object such as upload files, preview, define mappings, and initiate the import. This role is not granted any access control permissions on other objects. Permissions to create and modify other Windchill objects are required to successfully import a received delivery and should be granted through other means.
Users in the Received Delivery Manager role receive all email notifications for received delivery objects. Notifications can include a message when a received delivery import succeeds or when a delivery ZIP file completes uploading. The role that receives this notification can be modified using the Received Delivery > Received Delivery Notification Role preference from the Preference Management utility.
While it is possible to lock the value of the Received Delivery Notification Role preference at the Site or Organizations level, locking the preference is not recommended as individual application contexts may have a different role configured for collaboration.