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Received Delivery Files Table
The Received Delivery Files table is available from the Received Delivery Files tab on a received delivery information page. It displays information about each of the ZIP files associated with a package delivery received from another Windchill system.
Tables can be configured in different ways. For more information about working with tables, see Using Tables.
The columns available in the Received Delivery Files table give you basic information about each ZIP file in the table. By default the following columns are available. For more information about table columns, as well as other information about tables, see Using Tables.
Label or File Name
Identifying information for the ZIP file.
Import Sequence
Order in which the files are imported, if more than one ZIP file is available for the delivery.
Last Modified
Date the file was last updated.
Actions are available at the top of the Received Delivery Files table. The delete action is common to many Windchill objects and allows you to delete one or more received delivery files from the received delivery. For more information, see Common Actions. The view import log action allows you to view the import log file in a readable format. This action is not available for a delivery created from a replication package. For more information, see Viewing a Received Delivery Import Log File.