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Troubleshooting Received Delivery Import
While importing a received delivery, you may encounter one of the following situations:
I have a received delivery with an import status of Preparation Unsuccessful
The initial preparation process on the received delivery encountered an error. This error must be corrected prior to importing.
Use the Prepare Uploaded Files action to move the received delivery out of this status.
I have received another package from the same source system and it contains some of the same objects.
For each object that already exists on your system from the same source system, one of the following will occur:
The existing object is updated.
If the new object is a more recent version
If the new object has additional content files
The existing object remains the same.
If the new object is an older version
If the new object does not have one or more of the existing content files
This situation can occur when you receive deliveries for multiple packages from the same source system. No additional action is required.
The sending system contains more links than I see in my system.
Links require both objects to exist in your system before the link can be created. The objects to not need to be sent in the same package.
Certain link types are not supported for import or cannot be exported.
A warning is available in the import log file, but the import will succeed for certain types of links. For other link types, an error occurs and the import is unsuccessful. To get the linked object, contact the package sender to request the additional object.
If the link is not supported for export or import, the link cannot be imported. For more information, see Best Practices for Creating a PTC Windchill 10.2 Formatted Package ZIP File.
The file will not import and I received an error.
The importable format of a package delivery file can only be imported using the Received Delivery Management utility. The file you are attempting to import may not be the expected format.
Review the error message and the file. It is possible that the file you are attempting to import should be imported using the Import/Export Management utility.
An imported object is owned by a different organization than I expected.
When importing objects, the following rules are observed for owning organization matching:
1. Exact match of organization name and organization identifier attributes.
2. Exact match of organization identifier attribute without a match on the organization name.
3. Exact match of organization name attribute when the organization identifier is not set.
Define owning organization mappings to be used for future imports. For previously imported objects, either work with the sender to import them again with the corrected mapping, or manually reassign them to the expected organization.
I received a conflict or error that an object could not be imported because it conflicts with an existing object.
When objects on your system have the same identity as information from the sending system, you are not able to import that object. The two objects are not identical.
Either delete or rename the information on your system to import the data or request a new package delivery file from the sender without the conflicting objects.