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Received Delivery Attributes
Several attributes are unique to received delivery objects. Many of these attributes relate to the Windchill system that sent the package delivery to your Windchill system.
Base Delivery
This attribute only appears if the current delivery is a subsequent delivery of updates to previously delivered information. Indicates the delivery from which the current delivery originated. It represents information provided from the sending system.
Expected Received Delivery Files
Number of ZIP files created on the source system and expected to be uploaded to the received delivery. Once the number of actual files matches the expected number, the received delivery can be processed for import.
Imported By
User who imported the received delivery object.
This field is only populated after the received delivery import is complete.
Import Status
Status of the received delivery import. Possible values include
Not Ready: All ZIP files have not been uploaded.
Preparing Uploaded Files: The uploaded files are being processed for import.
Preparation Unsuccessful: An unexpected problem was encountered when processing the uploaded files for import. Refer to the log files available on the Attachments table of the received delivery information page for more details. Address any issues and then use the Prepare Uploaded Files action to retry the action.
Ready: All ZIP files have been uploaded and prepared, but the import has not started.
In Progress: The import process has been initiated on the received delivery.
Succeeded: All objects have imported successfully or have been skipped with a message in the log file.
Unsuccessful: Partial Import: Some objects imported successfully, but one or more objects did not import successfully.
Unsuccessful: Import Failure: None of the objects imported successfully.
Recipient Name
Person for whom the delivery received from the source system was intended.
Recipient Shipping Address and Contact
Contact information for the intended recipient.
Recipient Email
Email address for the intended recipient.
Recipient Instructions
Instructions for the intended recipient.
Sender Name
Person who sent the delivery object received from the source system.
Source Delivery Number
Identifying number for the delivery from the source system.
Source Package
Identifying name for the delivery from the source system.
Source System Identifier
Source system from which delivery ZIP files were received. This information is unique for each Windchill installation.
This attribute is used to define mappings unique to a given source system. For more information, see Defining Received Delivery Mapping.
Source Zip Creation Time
Time at which the ZIP file was created on the source system