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The timeline appears above the Schedule table and provides a graphical depiction of plan objects. The timeline is formatted according to the Start and Finish milestones.
If the timeline is not visible, you might need to click the expand icon . Click the collapse icon to hide it.
Otherwise, if the timeline does not appear, this indicates that activities have not yet been added to it. By default, the timeline is empty and only appears once you have added objects to it.
Add Activities to the Timeline
You can add an activity to the timeline from either the Schedule table or the Edit Timeline window.
To add an activity to the timeline from the Schedule table:
1. From the Schedule table, select the checkbox next to one or more plan objects you want to add.
2. From the table Actions menu, select Add to Timeline.
To add an activity from the Edit Timeline window:
1. Click the edit timeline icon located above the timeline.
2. From the Edit Timeline window, click the add icon on the table toolbar.
3. In the Find Activity window, enter the appropriate search criteria.
Click Search without entering any search criteria to return a list of all available plan objects.
4. Select the activity you want to add to the timeline and click OK.
Remove Activities from the Timeline
To remove a plan object from the timeline:
1. Click the edit timeline icon located above the timeline.
2. From the Edit Timeline window, select the objects you want to remove and click the remove icon .
The plan object is removed from the timeline.
Navigate the Timeline
Click any activity name or icon within the timeline to view additional information about that activity.
In addition to clicking and dragging the timeline to navigate, you can use several mouse and keyboard shortcuts:
Down arrow key
Right arrow key
Mouse scroll wheel down
Move forwards
Up arrow key
Left arrow key
Mouse scroll wheel up
Move backwards
Jump forward one screen
Jump backward one screen
HOME key
END key
Jump to project Start milestone
Jump to project Finish milestone
Double-click to reposition the timeline so that the specified point appears in the center of the timeline.
The increments at which you navigate depend on which row of the timeline you click. For example, if you click in the bottom row (days), you move forward by daily increments. Clicking a higher row allows you to move through the timeline more quickly.
Holding down an arrow key is the fastest way to traverse the timeline.