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Move or Copy Activities
You can move or copy activities, summary activities, deliverable activities and milestones within the same plan or to a different plan within the same project or product context. The cut, copy, and paste options are available on the toolbar of the Schedule table.
You cannot move or copy activities across different products or project plans.
When moving or copying a Start No Earlier Than and Must Finish On activities to the target plan, the constraint date will be adjusted as per target plan’s start date or modified date.
When moving or copying one or more activities, the following attributes of an activity are excluded: Status Description, Health Status Type, Percent work Complete, Risk Type and Actual Work.
Perform the following actions to move or copy an activity:
1. Select the activity to be cut or copied.
2. On the table toolbar, click cut icon to move an activity, or click the copy icon to copy an activity on the clipboard.
3. Select the location where you want to paste the activity, which could be within the same plan or navigate to the target plan.
Use the following options to paste the activity at the target location:
Paste Activity Above — Click paste icon or select Actions > Paste Activity Above to paste the activity above the selected activity.
Paste Activity Below — Select Actions > Paste Activity Below to paste the activity below the selected activity.
Paste Activity as a Child — Select Actions > Paste Activity as a Child to paste the activity as child for the selected activity. The activity is added as a child of the existing activity. Using this option converts the selected activity into a summary activity. The Copied activity is pasted as child of the parent activity.