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View Plan Baseline Information
Each object in a plan baseline has a unique information page that displays the baselined attributes of the object. Baseline information appears in various locations within the project:
Baselines tables
Navigate to the information page of the plan or activity. Select the Baselines tab. This table displays all baselined versions of the object and provides information about the object as it existed when the baseline was created.
You can use the table views to compare information between objects. You can also generate a comparison report. For more information, see Comparing Baselines.
Baselined information pages
From the Baselines table, click the view information icon to navigate to the baselined object information page.
The baselined information page is identical to the current information page, but displays attributes and information as it appeared when the baseline was captured.
Variance Report view
This is a table view that is available in other project tables, including the Schedule table.
This view displays information about how much has changed between now and when the active baseline was created. For information on selecting an active baseline, see Manage Plan Baselines.