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Action Items
Action items are used to track issues or tasks as part of a project, program, or product. However, action items are not formally tracked in the plan.
From the Home page you can view action items assigned to or created by you. The Tasks page (such as Projects > Tasks or Programs > Tasks) displays action items for a particular context.
If you are working in quality context, you require ‘read’ and ‘modify’ permission to view and modify the action item assigned to you. By default, this permission is not provided to team members. Only administrators or context manager can provide access permission to the team members using Access Control Rules in Policy Administration. For more information see Access Permissions
You can create, edit, and subscribe to action items. You can also download a template, import, or export action items to work with them in Microsoft Excel. For more information, see Working with Action Items in Microsoft Excel.
In addition, administrators can create custom action item types. For more information, see Creating a New Subtype. Creating a New Subtype
If you have updated or upgraded to this release, you need to customize table view to display the subtypes of Action Item in the Tasks table. If you have installed this version for the first time, this customization is not required.
Automatic email notifications are available for several action item events:
You are notified when an action item is assigned or reassigned to you.
You are notified when an action item assigned to you is overdue, obsolete, or deleted.
You are notified when an action item you created is overdue, resolved, obsolete, or deleted.
When you resolve an action item, you do not receive a resolution notice unless you created it or have subscribed to it.
You also receive email notifications if you have subscribed to an action item.
Customizable action item attributes in various formats can be exposed, hidden, reordered, renamed, and designated as required to meet the needs of your site. For more information, see Customizable Action Item Attributes.