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Variant Specification Information Page
The Variant Specification information page is a collection point for information related to a variant specification. You can access this page by clicking the information icon for a managed variant specification listed in the Variant Specifications table on the Variant Baseline information page.
For more information on the available actions, see Variant Specification Information Page.
A variant specification is inserted as a child under a product model in a product family structure. If variant baselines are optionally displayed within the product family structure, and a variant specification is associated with a variant baseline, then the variant specification can appear in more than one locations in the structure:
As a child of its product model parent.
As a child of any variant baselines that it is added to.
The following sample Product Family structure shows variant specifications displayed twice in the Product Family: once under its parent product model, and once under the variant baseline to which it has been added.
The Variant Specification information pane contains the following tabs:
Displays the general attributes of the variant specification information. If the variant specification is associated with a product family, it is linked in this attribute field. Click the link to open the product family structure.
Displays the structure of a configurable product. The tab consists of three areas: an action tool bar, a structure pane, and a pane where information is displayed for an object selected in the structure pane. For more information, see Variant Specification Structure Tab.
For more information, see About Change Management.
Variant Specification Structure Tab Actions
For information on the key actions available under this tab, see Product Family Structure Tab Actions and Matrix Editor Tool Bar.