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New Variant Baseline Window
To create a new variant baseline:
Use the New Variant Baseline window that you can open by selecting the New Variant Baseline icon from the Variant Baselines table.
From the Structure tab of the Product Family, right-click a managed variant specification. This action is available in the Structure tab only for managed variant specifications that are not a part of any variant baseline.
The New Variant Baseline window has two steps, Set Attributes and Select Variant Specifications.
1. On the Set Attributes step, perform the following:
a. Select a type if multiple types of variant baselines are defined in your system.
b. Provide a name and description.
c. Specify whether the variant baseline is protected.
Setting the Protected field to Yes prevents any component parts from being deleted that are included in the variant baseline’s objects or the associated variant specification. To delete a part that is a baseline member of the variant baseline or the associated variant specification, it must be removed from the baseline objects, or the variant baseline must be deleted. The Protected field selection can be changed in the Edit Variant Baseline window.
d. Select a context folder location where the variant baseline object is saved. By default, it is saved in the root folder of the product family’s Product or Library context.
2. On the Select Variant Specifications step, perform the following:
a. In the Select Variant Specifications table, select the rows for the variant specifications you want to add. Optionally, select a revision. If no revision is selected, the latest revision is used. The Select Variant Specifications table displays variant specifications that occupy a descendent node from the location where you launched the New Variant Baseline window.
When you launch the New Variant Baseline window using the icon, the Select Variant Specifications is empty (not pre-populated with variant specifications). When you launch the New Variant Baseline window by right-clicking a managed variant specification from the Structure tab of the Product Family, the system automatically populates the variant specifications in the Select Variant Specifications table.
b. Click Finish. A message confirms that the variant baseline creation was successful.