Data Management Capabilities > Managing Product Family > Product Family Management > Variant Baselines > Edit Variant Baseline Window
Edit Variant Baseline Window
Use the Edit Variant Baseline window to edit the following attributes for a variant baseline:
You can set the Protected attribute to Yes or No. Setting this attribute to Yes prevents any module variants or variant specifications from being deleted that are associated with the variant baseline’s objects. To delete a module variant or variant specification that is associated with a variant baseline, it must be removed from the baseline objects, or the variant baseline must be deleted.
The Edit Variant Baseline window is opened from the following action locations:
Editing toolset in the Product Family Structure tab toolbar. Select a variant baseline from the Product Family structure and click Edit.
Right-click action menu on a variant baseline object in the Product Family structure. Click Edit > Edit Variant Baseline
Variant baseline information page actions menu. Click Actions > Edit