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Saving As a New Package
You can create a new package, technical data package, CDRL package, or SDRL package by saving from an existing package of the same type. This allows you to retain information defined for an existing package in the creation of a new package. When you create the new package, only the initially selected objects, collection options, and package contents to which you have access are copied from the existing package. Other attributes remain the same or are specified when the new package is created. You cannot use the Save As action for replication packages.
You can initiate the Save As action from the Actions menu for any package, technical data package, CDRL package, or SDRL package on the package information page or on the Packages table regardless of whether or not that package has been locked.
To use the selected package to create a new package, enter the following information in the fields provided:
Click the find icon to search for the context in which the package is to be created.
Depending on your settings, you may be able to select a domain for the package. A domain is an administrative area that defines a set of policies, such as access control, indexing, and notification. Packages, like folders, are associated with a domain and are subject to the access control policies defined for that domain. To select a domain other than the default setting, click Find.
When selecting a domain, you will not be able to view its policies. To view the access policies, navigate to the Policy Administration utility.
Enter the name of the new package.
Enter the unique number identifying the package. You may or may not be able to set your own number; depending on your site configuration, the number may be automatically generated.
Organizational identifier
Depending on your settings, you may be able to select an organizational identifier. Click the find icon to search for an organizational identifier, such as CAGE code or DUNS number, for the package.
Enter a brief description of the package.
Due Date
This option appears if you launch the Save As action for a CDRL or SDRL package. Enter a date by which the package is due.
Save As Options
Choose one of the following Save As Options:
Refresh content after copy: Refresh the content of this package after it has been copied to the new package.
Copy delivery information: Copy the delivery information and attributes from this package into the new package.
Some delivery attributes, such as Number and information about the state of the delivery itself will not be copied into the new package. The Status field will be automatically set to Undelivered.
Create Successor Link: Create a link to the package from which this copy was made. This successor link can be accessed from the package information page and used to create a sequence that provides regular updates or deliveries. For more information about successors, see Adding Successors.