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Manifest Options
Manifest options specify the type of manifest that should be included in the ZIP file. Depending on your configuration, the options could be offline viewer, manifest file, or no manifest.
The Manifest Options presented are based on your site’s configuration for the package type. The default for packages, technical data packages, CDRL packages, and SDRL packages is the offline viewer. The default for replication packages is no manifest file. For more information, see Package Type-Based Properties.
Use the Manifest Options field on the Zip Package for Delivery window to specify the type of manifest to use for your package delivery. A manifest is a list of all objects included in the package as well as some basic package attributes. Depending on your Delivery Options, the file may only list those objects that have changed from the specified base delivery. The manifest is created when you zip the delivery and is included in the ZIP file that you deliver to the package recipient.
There are three possible options for delivering a manifest:
Include offline viewer Provides an interactive manifest that is similar to the information pages for the package content objects. For more information, see Viewing Package Content Using the Offline Viewer.
The Include offline viewer option is only available for packages, technical data packages, CDRL packages, or SDRL packages.
Include manifest file Lists all delivery content, some package attributes, and a timestamp of ZIP file creation in a separate file. This file is included in the ZIP file when the package is sent and in the Primary Content table on the Attachments tab of the delivery information page.
Do not include any manifest Does not include the offline viewer or the manifest file in the ZIP file.