Data Management Capabilities > Using Packages to Import and Export Data for Offline Collaboration > Establishing Package Content > Adding Content to a Package, Technical Data Package, CDRL Package, or SDRL Package > Editing Package Filters
Editing Package Filters
The Edit Filters action is available from the Set Collection Rules window and, depending on the configuration of your site, from the package Actions menu and the Package Content table for packages, technical data packages, CDRL packages, and SDRL packages. Filters can only be applied to an unlocked package of one of these types. When launched from the Set Collection Rules window, the package content is refreshed and all collection rules are applied again. When launched from the Actions menu or the Package Content table, the package content is not refreshed and the filters are applied to the currently collected content only. Filters are never applied to initially selected objects.
Use the following process to apply package filters:
1. Click the edit filters icon from the Package Content table or the Set Collection Rules window or select Edit Filters from the Actions menu for a package.
The Edit Filters window opens.
2. Select a tab from the top of the window to set the filter. Depending on the configuration of your site, the filters available might vary. For more information about the available filters, see Collection Options.
3. Click OK to apply your filters and close the window.
For more information on configuring this action, see Package Type-Based Properties.