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Packages and CAD File Synchronization
Windchill packages provide an optional configuration that allows CAD files to undergo an additional file synchronization step while creating the ZIP file or files for an Export Only formatted delivery. Depending on your configuration, packages containing CAD documents might use this additional file synchronization process. CAD documents that do not support synchronization are not included in the ZIP file and are specifically identified as excluded in the Delivery Content table. Synchronization can be disabled. When disabled, no synchronization occurs on export and all CAD documents (regardless of synchronization support) are exported.
Some of the information in the EPMDocument, such as the life cycle state, is stored in Windchill as well as the CAD file itself. When the CAD document is opened through the workspace, the information is synchronized when the CAD application is connected to Windchill through Windchill Workgroup Manager. The connection synchronizes the common information between Windchill and the Windchill Workgroup Manager. To ensure the CAD content files included in the ZIP file or files reflects the current status information in Windchill, you can choose to use the synchronization process. The process is only applicable when creating an Export Only delivery format as the target system addresses this through normal course of use.
CAD file synchronization with packages initiates when all of the following occur:
The Zip Package for Delivery action is initiated.
The site-level Packages > Synchronization Enabled preference is set to Yes.
One or more of the initially selected objects is an EPMDocument whose authoring application is listed in the site-level Packages > Supported Authoring Applications preference.
The following CAD applications are supported for package file synchronization:
Creo Parametric
For Windchill to perform CAD file synchronization with a package, Windchill must be configured to connect to the unified workgroup manager framework and to the specific CAD application. The configuration required is similar to the configuration require to create representations for EPMDocuments. To verify that Windchill is configured properly for file synchronization, ensure that the WVS Job Monitor does not show any errors when creating or republishing a representation for an EPMDocument of the same authoring application.
For more information, see Best Practices for Package File Synchronization.