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Delivery Content Table
The Delivery Content table, available from the Delivery Content tab on a delivery information page, displays the objects included in and excluded from the ZIP file created for the delivery. The objects in the Delivery Content table display as a flat list. Therefore, if a managed collection is included in the delivery, its structure is not retained in the table and the managed collection itself is not listed. Objects included in the package more than once only appear in the Delivery Content table once. The Delivery Content table is empty until a ZIP file is created.
In the case of an incremental delivery, objects are included in the delivery if they are new to the package, have been modified since the selected base delivery, or have associated content that has been modified since the selected base delivery. Objects that have not changed since the selected based delivery are listed as excluded from the delivery
When an object that was contained in the delivery contents is deleted from Windchill, the Delivery Content table preserves a record of the inclusion of the object in the ZIP file. Deleted objects have identifying information, but do not include an object icon. Objects that were deleted prior to ZIP creation are not displayed in the Delivery Content table. Objects that were deleted after the ZIP file was created are listed in the Delivery Content table.
By default, the Delivery Content table displays the All view, showing objects that were included or excluded from the ZIP file. However, you can choose to view only those objects that were included in the ZIP file or objects that were excluded from the ZIP file.
Each object that was excluded from the ZIP file displays an exclusion reason. The Exclusion Reason column describes the reason that the object was not included in the package. For example, the sender or recipient may not have access to view the object.