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About CDRLs and SDRLs
CDRL and SDRL packages are only available if you have Windchill Aerospace and Defense CDRL/SDRL, CAGE Code, and Unincorporated Change installed.
When a contract is made between a manufacturer and a customer in the defense industry, contract deliverables are transmitted as digital collections. These collections may include things like a list of objects being delivered and a schedule for delivery.
To document these data deliverables, Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and Subcontract Data Requirements Lists (SDRLs) are used. CDRL and SDRL forms list all objects to be delivered, along with other information related to the contract and schedule.
For example, the government makes a contractual agreement with Company A to create a product. As part of this agreement, Company A must supply the government with a CDRL. If Company A then forms a subcontract with Company B to create some parts for the overall product, Company A must supply Company B with an SDRL.
In Windchill Aerospace and Defense CDRL/SDRL, CAGE Code, and Unincorporated Change, CDRL and SDRL are special forms of packages. CDRLs and SDRLs have all the attributes and functions of packages, plus additional attribute information consistent with United States government standards.
When you create a CDRL or SDRL, a workflow is provided as an example that can be used as the starting point for creating a process that is unique to your company. This allows you to facilitate the exchange of contractual information with many suppliers and partners.
This online help follows the standards and definitions for filling out US Department of Defense Form 1423 as described in DoD 5010, Procedures for the Acquisition and Management of Technical Data.
Both CDRL and SDRL packages can be sent in the export-only format or in a format that can be imported into another Windchill installation. Objects are added to the package contents using the collection results from the Initially Selected Objects table and collection options.
The Change Management > Unincorporated Change Creation preference may be of interest to administrators of Windchill systems when the CDRL/SDRL, CAGE Code, and unincorporated change options of Windchill Aerospace and Defense are installed. This preference adds additional values to the Authorizing Changes list in the Set Collection Rules window when adding content to a package. This allows you to include any objects related to an approved unincorporated change object in the package contents, depending on the option you select from the list.